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The Society for Clinical Nurse Specialist Education (SCNSE) is an international organization dedicated to advancing the development of clinical nurse specialist education and ensuring the continuing viability of the CNS role.

SCNSE was incorporated in 2010 as a professional association for nurse educators interested in advancing clinical nurse specialist education. SCNSE was established by a small group of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) educators who believed that an organization was needed to focus specifically on CNS education and the changing educational patterns and trends in advanced nursing practice.

Two years of planning was required to develop the mission, goals, structure, and strategic plan for SCNSE. The organization was officially launched in the fall of 2010.

The Mission of SCNSE is to:

Promote excellence in CNS education to influence healthcare outcomes.

The Goals of SCNSE are to:

  • Facilitate implementation of state of the art CNS curricula.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue among CNS educators, preceptors, students, and other stakeholders.
  • Promote the role of the CNS through dissemination of information about CNS education and programs of study.
  • Create an avenue for CNS educator, preceptor, and student scholarship.
  • Facilitate effective mentorship of new CNS educators.

More about SCNSE:

The society was incorporated in 2010 and is dedicated to promoting excellence in CNS education to influence healthcare outcomes. The founding members of SCNSE had a mission to create an organization to serve and support CNS education in academic and practice settings.

This organization is critical for advancing the CNS role because it focuses on CNS education specifically. SCNSE provides a forum for faculty, students, preceptors and institutions associated with teaching the CNS to have a common meeting of the minds to discuss mutual concerns, share innovative ideas on curriculum implementation, and to benchmark new initiatives and mandatory changes from regulatory agencies. SCNSE works with stakeholders in CNS education to create, revise and recommend curricula sensitive to evolving professional practice mandates, the latest educational technology and healthcare developments. The annual conference facilitates the exchange of information that enhances mentoring of faculty, students and preceptors as well as marketing CNS programs to the public.

This organization creates a synergy among CNS educators, preceptors, students and other stakeholders to address contemporary issues in practice and education. This venue droves dialogue about faculty qualifications, preceptor orientation and retention, curricula changes, innovative teaching strategies, clinical integration of knowledge, skills simulation, and incorporation of latest healthcare and regulatory nursing mandates.

SCNSE’s core values include collegiality and camaraderie in supporting all organizations involved in CNS and advanced nursing practice education.

You are invited to join us in this new endeavor to lead change and advance health through CNS education.

Please explore our website and learn more about our new and growing organization. We look forward to future opportunities to work closely with you and other professional organizations as we seek to promote and advance Clinical Nursing Specialist education and the role of the CNS in promoting health for all persons, families, and communities.


Membership is available to nurses involved in or interested in the CNS role and CNS education.

Membership services include:

  • networking opportunities with others involved in CNS education.
  • reduced registration fees to SCNSE annual conference and webinars.
  • access to Members Only section of the website; educator resources are available to assist with curriculum development as well as teaching and precepting CNS students.

Membership involvement is encouraged through committee participation, dialogue at annual business meetings, and through communication with Board Members.

Board of Directors (2015-2017):

Please click the following link:

SCNSE Board of Directors

Founding Members:

Camille Payne, PhD, RN
Nancey France, PhD, RN
Robin Dennison, DNP, APRN, CCNS, CEN, CNE
Mary Heye, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, RN-C
Kathleen Farrell, DNSc, RN, CCNS
Sally Tibbals, MSN, RN